Tulsi Kalonji (30 ml)

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Tulsi Kalonji

Tulsi Kalonji is the result of our innovation and spirit of providing best. It is made up of two natural ingredients tulsi and kalonji which provides many benefits to body.  Both of theses herbs are not only used in households but also in providing various health benefits. They are helpful in preventing and treating various cardiovuscular diseases by controlling blood pressure, maintaining cholesterol level  and reducing hypertension.


·         It helps to overcome Common Cold and Cough.

·         It helps in killing bacteria that are responsible for various infections.

·         It helps to control the Cholesterol level.

·         It helps to boost the immunity system.

·         It is helpful in preventing cancer.

Key Ingredients:

·         Tulsi

·         Kalonji 


Take 5 - 7 drops in 70 ml hot water in the morning and evening or as directed by the health practitioner.