Udar Sudha Churna (75 gm)

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Udar Sudha

We offer Udarsudha, a mixture of herbal ingredients, Indian spice & herbs and eatable sugar & salt in the form of powder which improve the power of digestive system. It’s a tasty & chatpata digestive that can be consumed at any point of time for all age group. 


1.     Improves digestion for kids and adults.

2.     Relief from gastric issues, heart pain, chest pain and acidity.

3.     Great way to enjoy while staying healthy.

4.     Useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite & flatulence.

5.     Diabetic patient can take this powder.

6.     Chatpata taste is good for a change of taste in mouth.

Key Ingredients:

1.     Jeera (Cuminum Cynimum) Curcumin

2.     Sendha Namak

3.     Peppermint (Menthol)

4.     Citric Acid

5.     Hing (Asafetida)

6.     Piper nigrum


Dosage :3-5 gm (1 tea spoon) 2-3 times in a day or as directed by the physician.